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Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts

Do you have questions about golf carts? Well, we have lots of answers. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you on your quest to find your next golf cart.


 How much does a new golf cart cost?

The price of a new golf cart will vary based on the make and model. You can expect to pay anywhere from $8,000 - $15,000 for a new golf cart.


Can you finance a golf cart?

Yes, at Benfe Motors there is financing for both new and used golf carts.


Are golf carts street legal?

Technically golf carts are not DOT approved. However, many municipalities have passed ordinances to allow them on city streets with some requirements. We recommend you research your local ordinances before taking them on the streets.


Is a golf cart considered a motor vehicle?

No, golf carts are not considered motor vehicles, but slow-speed vehicles.

Are electric golf carts better than gas golf carts?

Both electric and gas golf carts are very reliable and great golf carts, but electric or solar golf carts are most eco-friendly and other benefits.


Do golf carts need insurance?

We recommend you contact your insurance provider as every plan is unique.


Do golf carts need license plates?

Depend. Since golf carts aren't street legal, no license plates are needed. Street legal golf cart needs VIN and license plate number and insurance. 


Will a golf cart fit in a truck bed or a trailer?

You bet. A standard 2-passenger golf cart will fit in a truck bed. However, the longer golf carts will not fit in a truck bed. A 10’ and 12’ trailer is recommended for transporting most golf cart models.


How fast can a golf cart go?

The top speed for a golf cart is around 25 mph.


Do golf carts have seat belts?

Seat belts are an easy add-on to install to a golf cart.


Can a golf cart tow a trailer or a jet ski?

Most golf cart models can pull a light trailer or jet ski.


How often do I need to charge the batteries on my golf cart?

You should give it a full charge at the end of every day of use.


How often should I have my golf cart serviced?

It's a good idea to do it once a year. Gas cars should have the oil and filters changed every season. For electric carts, it's good to have the batteries tested, transmission fluid changed, and brakes inspected.


When should I water my batteries?

With a lithium battery golf cart, no maintenance or water is required.

Do batteries self-discharge when not in use?

All batteries, regardless of their chemistry, self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge depends on the type of battery, the age of the battery, and the storage temperature the batteries are exposed to. 


How does solar power affect the golf cart?

It increases the range of the vehicle between charges by more than 25 %.  

Another benefit is that the solar will extend the battery life by giving the batteries a continuous charge.  Active charging reduces the build-up of lead sulphate crystals on the lead plates in lead-acid batteries, which is the number one cause of battery failure. If a normal set of batteries lasts 4-5 years, the solar roof panel should extend the golf cart's battery life an additional two years or more.


How far will my solar roof golf cart go before it needs to be plugged in?

If you drive eight miles or less a day on flat terrain and keep the car outside in summer peak sun, the batteries will be recharged by solar power and will not require to be plugged in. Or, said another way, for every three-quarters hour the golf cart solar panel roof is charged in peak sun, it will drive one mile on flat terrain.

Peak sun nationally averages 5 1/2 hours per day.  In the southern US, it is 3 1/2 hours in the winter and 7 1/2 hours in the summer.


What are the practical benefits of a solar golf cart?

--Appeals to all who want to "Go Green" and protect the environment.
--Gives the golf cart more power to use on hilly terrains.
--Saves money by extending the battery life by an average of 25%.
--Reduces your electricity bill.


What is the best way to cover my golf cart?

The best way to ensure your cart is covered properly is to purchase one of our high-quality nylon storage covers. They feature built-in air vents to reduce the risk of mildew. These covers have elastic at the bottom to ensure a good fit and a high quality rear zipper with a securing snap for easy installation and removal.

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